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Coast Mountain Truck & Marine is a Road Runner boat trailer dealer. Custom build to your needs right here in British Columbia.

Every ROADRUNNER trailer has a fully galvanized finish, even the side walls of our tubular angled iron frames are galvanized.  CUSTOM BUILT - ANY SIZE OR CONFIGURATION. 

Boat Trailers

Bunk trailers are most economical and offer excellent hull support. The trailer will need to be backed further into the water for the boat to float off and on compared to roller support systems. This is ideal for recreational use where people have access to a decent launch and can plan launching in moderate tides.

Roller-bunk support is the hybrid system giving you the support of the bunks on the back of the trailer where it’s most needed during transportation, and rollers on the front for stress-free launching.

1600 B


4500 LR


The full roller support system is commonly used for launching in shallow ramps or for people frequently running into difficult launching situations. We use U.S. made, non-marking hull rollers that won’t scratch or mark hulls. They are constructed of thermal plasticized rubber. They are stronger and more durable than traditional rubber. And are softer and more pliant than polyurethane 

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